I was born a Smith and I came from a very creative family that valued hard work and self-sufficiency. My father could make or fix anything, was always inspirational, and instilled an appreciation and love for handmade artisan workmanship in me.

As a young girl I was taught in Blue Birds how to make a beaded ring with thin wire, and my love of colorful beads and jewelry making was born. At my first job in a fabric store the colorful fabric and textures were captivating. I loved the creative process of being able to make something unique and special that I could wear with pride. I also loved working with yarn and did embroidery, knitting, and off-loom weaving and my stash of beads and crystals grew over the years and I made simple jewelry.

I found I have an entrepreneurial spirit and because I loved working with my hands I found a very satisfying and creative career for 25 years doing massage and integrative bodywork. Each session was unique and required me to trust my hands and be present in the moment. It was very fulfilling to help people with their stress and pain. It was healing for both of us and satisfied my creative spirit.

I finally had time to pursue my creative interests and I learned to bead and work with wire, metal, enamel and started designing jewelry. Torching to fuse, patina, and enamel metal is magical, delightful and fun and one of my favorite tasks.

I love making unique, one of a kind, unusual, eye catching jewelry that makes the wearer feel beautiful and special. I am inspired by beautiful colors and textures in everything, especially rainbows, sunsets, sunrises, rocks, crystals, fabrics and most of all, nature with it’s texture and beauty.

Our shop has become a family project now that and my husband and I are both retired. He also enjoys enameling and helps with jewelry assembly and craft fairs when we do them from time to time. Our daughter is our web designer and helps with marketing and social media.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our shop and find something special to wear!