I grew up in a household where creativity and self-sufficiency were highly valued. My father inspired me with his ability to make or repair anything and instilled in me a love for beautiful handmade artisan workmanship.  Since I was a young woman I have loved creating in many different mediums, including fiber arts, beading, wire-work, metal-smithing, and more recently painting with acrylics. I now live near the Central Coast of California with my husband of 45 years. I love spending time in nature and with my family and friends. Painting has become my passion. My husband and I also often do metal work projects together and I continue to make art jewelry, medicine beads, and altar pieces.

I am highly intuitive and love working with my hands, and have over 25 years of experience working in the highly creative field of doing massage, integrative and process bodywork, and energy healing. Interestingly, I have found that if I open and align my energy to whatever art piece I am creating, it activates my intuition and reflects more of my soul essence.

When I finally had time to pursue my creative interests fully, I learned how to bead, work with wire, metal, enamel and I started designing art jewelry. I fell in love with the magic of working with small torches to fuse, patina, and enamel metal.  The results are colorful, unexpected, and delightful.

I love making unique, one of a kind, unusual, eye-catching art jewelry, medicine/prayer beads and metal pieces that have been created and infused with love and Spirit. I am inspired by beautiful colors and textures in nature, especially rainbows, sunsets, sunrises, trees, and rocks.

Several years ago I was drawn to take a class on how to paint a feminine face while inviting in the essence of the sacred and divine feminine. I was amazed and enchanted by what I was able to paint and the soulful essence that was reflected back to me. I had created a painting that I loved that also offered deep insight and healing. Since then I have continued my painting journey as well as deepened my connection to the Sacred Feminine. My paintings reflect my soul, my inner process, and emotional state and each one is unique. When I paint I create a safe and sacred space in my studio. I bless the canvas and choose several colors intuitively to paint the background. I find working with the color, the paint and the tools elemental and magical. I then spend time to see what and who is being revealed in the background and I continue the painting process from there with more detail.

My art and creativity foster my personal growth. It enlivens, nourishes and gives deep meaning to my life. It supports me physically, emotionally and spiritually as I find myself crossing the bridge of transformational mystery where spirit meets matter.  

Painting intuitively and allowing the feminine presence to inform my work has offered a path to a way of being in the world for me that is receptive and nurturing and strong. It has allowed me to be more sensitive to the exquisiteness and beauty as well as the shadows and pain that life can offer. The sacred feminine is the spirit of life and the healer of wounds.  She connects us to the earth and natural world and the source of all life. She speaks of wisdom, balance, love,  oneness, and trust. The wellspring She offers allows me to take sustenance from my own inner joy while releasing my wounds and pain. My creativity allows me to encounter my soul as I experience a deep opening of my heart and a powerful and sacred connection with the world.  

I am a certified Art of Allowing Facilitator. I am offering a class: “A Painting From Within – A Journey into the Sacred Feminine”. I am excited to be able to share this with women and men of all ages who long to reconnect with their source of creativity and love.

I bring earthy wisdom and groundedness, enthusiasm and an open heart to each painting session with my students.  I am sensitive and tuned in to your needs while you paint. I offer a creative alliance with you and am dedi

cated to helping you with your creative path.